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About D. Payne The Barber

Oklahoma's premiere barber, D. Payne the barber is a highly respected multi-cultural barber with excellent skills and knowledge. Well skilled in a variety of haircuts; tapering, fading, beard trims, edge ups and freestyle design techniques. De'Angelo has raised his game to another level once his dedication to barbering grew into developing new techniques that help him create clean, crisp and strong haircuts. He strongly believes that one can never stop learning when it comes to the trade of Barbering. So, he continues developing and innovating his skill set ever so steadily.

To be the best barber around Oklahoma, he listens to what his clients want. Then apply's his knowledge and talents to produce a great haircut. With combining new & old techniques and using the latest equipment, my clients will leave the barbershop pleased and satisfied. I am always striving to bring an original flavor to the urban barber scene.

Client Testimonies

De'Angelo has been cutting my hair for over 3 years. He's skills and talent are top notch. The best barber I know in Oklahoma.~Ray Thomas~

My homie D is unquestionably the best barber I ever had. Every time I come in the shop, he cuts me the way I like. He's skills are unmatched. My last visit, I asked me to give a custom OU haircut to support my team. And, he nailed it.~Matt Jacobson~

Big D is a best with the clippers. I have gotten haircuts by him for the past 7 months. My roommate told me about him. And I have been coming to see him ever since.~J Dub~

I found D. Payne the barber after going to few other barbers in the area. They just could not get my cut right. De'Angelo is a true master. Cool dude to have your haircut by. He's skills in barbering are crazy tight. Just this last time, I wanted him to hook me up with a mo-hawk and he nailed it. He is also a bomb DJ.~Clay Morris~

My best friend recommended to see De'Angelo after my sons old barber moved out of state. D. Payne treats my son excellent and is extremely patient. He always gives my son that clean and smooth fade haircut I like.~Shawntae Richardson~